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Frequently Asked Questions


Can combicolour be painted over hammerite?

Yes a white spirit based product can be applied over a xlyene based product but not vice versa !

Can combicolor be applied direct to metal

Yes, providing it`s not galvanized in which case a special adhesion primer is required.

What do I use for thinners when cleaning combicolor?

White spirit only



Tips when using aerosols?

If you have dispensed paint from an aerosol and there is some left after application turn the aerosol upside down

And spray .This will clear the tube to prevent it blocking for next time.

When using Aerosols always shake thoroughly for 2 minutes before use as all the solids will be at the bottom of the can.

Make sure the object you want to paint is clean,dry and de- greased.



Do I need to clean the floor prior to painting?

YES, Use the cleaner/degreaser prior to painting the floor as the paint will not perform at its best if there is any contamination below it. 

When can I apply a second coat?

Make sure the first coat is fully dry before applying a second coat .If the first coat in not fully dry the topcoat will slow down the drying process even further.

Always choose the correct floor coating for your situation , use repair mortar to fill holes and cracks.

How important is surface preparation prior to painting?

Very important ,if the surface is not clean and dry the product cannot perform at its best.

How important is it to use a primer?

Using an appropriate primer before application of a topcoat will assist the longevity and performance of the product.

The primer's job is to improve adhesion and to prepare the substrate for the topcoat to optimize performance.

Why should I use rustoleum?

Rustoleum paints and coatings are the USA's number 1 manufacturer for problem solving products . They have been providing solutions for all sorts of substrates since 1921.

Will Rustoleum paint last longer?

Yes; the Rustoleum brand is synonymous with leading technology and long term performance.

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